EEG Screening Review

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Product Description

EEG Review (Neurology Screen Report and Quality Assurance Review)

This review will assure that the EEG conforms to accepted standards as reviewed by a board-certified neurologist. The intent is for the practitioner to do quality control by comparing his or her own reading with that of a medical professional.
The report, which is signed by a board-certified neurologist, contains an assessment including:

  • The overall quality of the EEG
  • Presence or absence of artifact
  • Description of the background rhythm
  • Presence or absence of paroxysmal or epileptiform activity
This assessment will be made with regard to the suitability of the recording for QEEG and/or biofeedback purposes.

If a preliminary analysis and report is included, the review will include a review of that report, plus commentary regarding assessment or treatment planning. This review may be used in conjunction with a third-party review, NewMind data report, or clinician’s own reading of EEG and/or QEEG.

Conditions: Practitioner is expected to fill out an intake report including client demographics, disorders, and medications, in order to ensure a valid report. All patient identification information should be removed from submitted files. Practitioner gives permission to Stress Therapy Solutions to use submitted patient data for purposes of research and development. If patient identification information is included, practitioner will execute and submit patient’s authorization for the aforementioned use of the data. This analysis does not include z-scores or treatment recommendations.

NOTE: Report pricing subject to change without notice. Allow up to 10 business days for delivery of reports. No refunds.