EEG Screening Review

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EEG Screening

Quality Assurance Review.

This review will assure that the EEG conforms to accepted standards. The intent is for the user to be able to do quality control. The report contains an assessment of the overall quality of the EEG, presence of artifact, a description of the background rhythm, and the presence or absence of paroxysmal or epileptiform activity used for biofeedback purposes. This service is available to neurofeedback clinicians or clinics offering EEG biofeedback or QEEG services. Based upon this review, the clinician can be confident that the quality and integrity of the recording has been reviewed by a competent specialist prior to determination of disregulated brain areas of interest for neurofeedback protocol selections. May be used in conjunction with QEEG Pro report or clinician’s reading of client’s QEEG.

  • This review will insure that your recording will be of an acceptable standard with any competent medical or
    neurophysiological professional.
  • for use by clinicians using EEG for biofeedback assessment and treatment planning.
  • For difficult or unusual cases, this provides an add-itional level of protective assurance for the clinician.